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This Lawgiver Mark II is based on Jason Brashill and Jim Murray's original design and Cliff Robinson's published covers. It has been vacuformed in tough HIP plastic, weighs around 500 g and features a metal barrel and gold-plated eagle badge.

This A3 print on 350gsm card featuring exclusive new artwork by Cliff Robinson is included as a free gift to all lawgiver buyers. This print is also available to buy separately for £9.95 signed or £4.95 unsigned.

Additional Lawgiver Mark II photos:

The bottom 2 photos shows the scuffed finish.

This item has been discontinued, but prints are still available.

Jason Willbourn, maker of this Lawgiver, decided to make a one-off transparent "cutaway" version for himself. The gun contains six types of round, all with different shapes, and Jason tried to make the weapon look like it would really work.

Lawgiver Cutaway

Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mark II designed by Jim Murray and Jason Brashill 1998
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra © Rebellion A/S 2005